Objective #1

Inform local societies and authorities on the great potential that public, corporation and residential buildings have in decreasing energy consumption and consequently on the environmental benefit of such a reduction. The degree of local population participation in the organized seminars or conferences could be an indicator of the achievement of this objective until the end of the project.

Objective #2

Energy Audit with detailed in-situ measurements of 50 public buildings (25 at each country) that will be pointed out by the two municipalities. A well-established technical study with the exact CO2 footprint and energy consumption of each building will be prepared. The Energy Efficiency Certificate of each building will be derived by these studies. The in-situ measurements include: (1) Thermal Conductance measurements of the building materials according to ISO9869 and the respective software, (2) Thermography of the buildings using IR camera, (3) Estimation of the efficiency of their heating systems by digital waste analyser measurements.

Objective #3

The study and implementation of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies at three of the above buildings (2 in Greece and 1 in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia). The aim is to make this building almost zero-emission buildings.

Objective #4

The inclusion of bioclimatic studies and implementation of energy efficiency measures as parts of the improvement of existing buildings and in the design and construction of future buildings.