The PEEBPE project was approved under the 2nd call of proposals of the

'Greece-FYROM IPA Cross-Border Programme 2007-2013'

  • Date of approval: 03/10/2012
  • Priority axis: 2 – Enhancement of the Environmental Resources and Cultural Heritage
  • Priority Measure: 2.1 – Promote and Protect the Environmental Resources of the Area
  • Duration: 18 months after the Grant Contract Aggreement signature date.
  • Subsidy Contract Aggreement signature date: 22/02/2013
  • Grand Contract Aggreement signature date: 13/08/2013

Description of the project tasks:

WP1: Project Mangement

  • Task 1.1: Project Proposal Preparation
  • Task 1.2: Meetings
  • Task 1.3: Project Management
  • Task 1.4: Verification of Expenditure

WP2: Information and publicity – Development of an interactive portal and organization of Seminars and Conferences for the diffusion of the project’s outputs and results to the local society.

  • Tasks 2.1: Development of logo, slogan, signs, brochures.
  • Task 2.2: Interactive portal of the project.
  • Task 2.3: Organization of two Conferences, one at each region.
  • Tasks 2.4 and 2.5: Organization of Seminars and workshops for the local business community, public services personnel, etc.

WP3: Detailed Energy Audit of Public Buildings.

  • Task 3.1:  Detailed Energy Audit of 50 Buildings by four joint teams concurrently. Production of a report on the results.
  • Task 3.2: Production of a databank on energy efficiency international practices.
  • Task 3.3: Development of an innovative method-guide for Building Carbon Footprint Estimation for General Use.

WP4: Pilot Actions: Energy Efficiency Studies and Implementation of measures so as to constitute buildings Energy Efficient.

  • Task 4.1. Development of an energy efficiency study for 2 buildings in Prespes and 1 in Resen using data from WP3. Two models for Energy Efficiency Studies and Implementation measures will also be produced: a low budget “smart” interventions study and a detailed one.
  • Task 4.2.  Application of low budget “smart” measures on two buildings and a complete refit of one building, including Building Management Systems and Renewable Energy Sources. Prespes Municip., Resen Municip.

WP5: Creation of a Regional Centre for Energy Efficiency, one in each region.

  • Task 5.1: Location of Regional Centre establishment and human resources. Setting the Regional Centre’s responsibilities as consultancy, project development and technical services. On-line connection of the Centre with the pilot installations, in order to demonstrate the benefits of the new technology.