The International Conference on Buildings Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources will be held June 1-3, 2014 in Kozani, Greece.
This conference will bring together engineers, researchers, organizations, authorities and industry form Europe and all over the world.
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The NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN BUILDINGS will be held in Bitola, on 10th and 11th of June 2014.

The Conference is organized by the Association for Sustainable Urban Development, ARHAM Bitola.

The aim of this Conference is to promote engineer’s, economic and legal procedures for promoting energy efficiency in buildings .

The Conference is addressing engineers involved in design and construction process, the scientific community, the institutions responsible for the implementation of energy policies and environmental protection, users of public facilities, as well as professional and civil society organizations that advocate for energy efficiency.

We expect this conference to influence public awareness on the necessity for energy efficiency promotion, to stimulate engineer’s research, to evaluate national and local legislation relevant to energy efficiency and elaborate current financial and fiscal incentives for construction or reconstruction of buildings of high energy class.

In order the above results to be achieved, the Conference foresees realization of 6 plenary sessions and promotes the Regional Center for Energy Efficiency located in Bitola, as well as the newly developed Guide for Energy Efficiency.

Download Conference Program PEEBPE Nat. Conf. Bitola 2014 – Program

Download the Instructions for authors Instructions for authors

Contact persons:

 Atanasovska Aleksandra


Phone: + 389 70 237 455

Trajkovska Anastasija


Phone: + 389 70 237 909