Promotion of Energy Efficiency in Buildings and
Protection of the Environment

    • A first step towards sustainable development and environmental protection is the carbon footprint estimation of buildings and the evaluation of their potential to decrease energy consumption
    • The involved regions (Region of Western Macedonia, Greece and Region of Pelagonia, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) present high energy consumption needs for heating, whereas public buildings of these areas have also shown extreme electrical energy consumption. In this area, the consumed energy comes from fossil fuels and wood or diesel for heating
    • An objective of this project is to stimulate local societies and authorities on the great potential that public and corporation buildings have to decrease energy consumption
    • The next goal is to propose all the possible interventions on these buildings in order to decrease their energy consumption and to cover a significant part of their consumption with environmentally-friendly or renewable energy technologies
  • The final goal is the inclusion of all the above actions in the improvement of existing buildings and in the design and construction of future buildings

Project Partners

The project partners are: the Technological Educational Institute of Western Macedonia (TEIWM), Greece (OLP and LP1), expert on energy audit and implementation of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies, the municipality of Resen, from Pelagonia Region, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FLP and LP2), the municipality of Prespa from Western Macedonia Region, Greece (PP3), ARCHAM Association from the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, expert on sustainable urban development and environmental issues (PP4)

The «Greece – the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia IPA Cross-Border programme» 2007-2013 is a cross-border cooperation Programme co-financed by the European Union under the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA). The Programme focuses on promoting sustainable economic and social development in the border areas and assisting co-operation for addressing common challenges in fields such as the environment, natural and cultural heritage and public health. The Global Objective of the Programme is “to enhance convergence in the programme area by promoting sustainable local development”. The total budget of the Programme for the period 2007-2013 is 31.549.722,00 €.