teiwmThe TEI of Western Macedonia, Greece consists of several departments scattered at the Western Macedonia Region. It is the second biggest Technological Educational Institute in Greece, numbering over 10,000 students. It has a constant active presence and influence at the Western Macedonia Regional policies, by establishing technical cooperations with the business community and the authorities and by organizing conferences and seminars. The Electrical Engineering dept of TEI will play active role to this project. The research and technical personnel of the dept is highly qualified and has obtained cutting-edge equipment on both fields of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. It is a Scientific Partner of KNX, the worldwide Standard for Home and Building Control. It has established research project co-operations on innovative Renewable Energy Technology fields, like smart-grids and biogas with well-known Greek and International universities like the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), the Chair of Bioprocess Engineering of the Technische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin, Germany), etc.


The Association for sustainable urban development, architecture and ambiance ARHAM Bitola is an association which for years has been dedicated to solving crucial issues affecting the quality of life and sustainable urban development in the region and beyond.

The members of ARHAM are individuals and legal entities with exceptional professional engineering achievements in the areas of architecture, construction as well as social fields of law, economics, and environmental protection as well.

Current issues and challenges that ARHAM is working on are:

  • Overcoming the existing administrative barriers and professional isolation;
  • An innovative approach to closing the gap between the sustainability of natural resources and urban growth;
  • Efficient struggle with the effects of climate change;
  • Promotion of quality of life as a right and an obligation not only to the community but of each individual as well.

From ARHAM’s past achievements we underline the Study on current situation with asbestos in the Western Balkans countries, developed ​​within the international project “Capacity Building for Banning and Phasing out asbestos in West Balkan Countries” – (KAPAZ), and participation in cross-border action between Macedonia and Albania to support the environment, “Integrated Sustainable Environmental Management with Decision Support System Implementation”.

dimosPrespesThe Municipality of Prespes is a newly established Municipality (2011), therefore not having significant experience on Energy Efficiency projects. However, recent surveys, in which the Municipality participated as well, have proven that public buildings in the area are extremely energy inefficient and have a great potential of decreasing energy losses and consumption.

grb opstina resenThe Resen Municipal energy efficiency policy is determined with a Program for the promotion of energy efficiency which is to be in alignment with the National Strategy for the promotion of energy efficiency. This Program is adopted by the Municipal Council of Resen in February 2012 and is for the period of 2012-2015. Thus, the Municipality of Resen has significant potential to increase energy efficiency in public buildings such as schools, administrative offices, culture centers, as well as street lighting.